Please Read All Members

New members please read so you understand our code of conduct, thank you!

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Please Read All Members

Postby Site Administrator » Wed Dec 12, 2007 2:42 pm

First and foremost.....This site is "FREE" to the ATV community !!

We are not a club, or an organization. Just an open ATV community.
You can also expect, no second tier clubs....We are all on the same footing,
with no closed door sharing of information. Thats the open source spirit.

Topics and postings will be straight forward for some, and hopefully a short
learning curve for others. Your posting and editing tools are at your finger
tips. Any issues you are having problems with, feel free to post for member
support. The Moderators will jump in and lend a hand.

Avatars may be of your choice, as long as they fit the site parameters
of 180x180 pixels. and no larger then 15000 kb. They will also contain
no pornographic material, or any offensive material directed at a persons
race, religion, or creed.....It is hoped that the members of the site police
their own ranks. In this respect.....Any member not removing offensive
matter, the administration, or designated moderators will purge it.
Any second attempt will mean removal from this site, for an undetermined
time period, and possible complete removal, if the offense warrants it.

Use of motion avatars is allowed however please keep them to a minimum.

The posting of objectionable material will follow the same guidelines as the
above.....Again !!! Police your own ranks.

Spamming, and advertising a personal business is prohibited....However, sponsors will be allowed as they
help keep this site free to you as a user. Any member within the ATV community may put
information in their signature file, as long as it's ATV related, and can be a
benefit to the sites user base.

Dual member registration logins are prohibited.

The Classifieds area of this site, will be for the use of it's members, to
buy, trade, or sell, and not to be used as a sideline business. Any user
parked in these forums, with no participation as a whole, can and will be

Hot linking to E-bay, or other auction sites is prohibited. Auction item
numbers may be posted.

* All classified posts will be deleted after three months time. If you have an
item that has been sold or purchased, or that item is no longer offered,
Post a "Delete" notice, and we'll have it removed. (read #13)

Also !! Give your posts in the Classifieds some time. even though they
seem to be shuffled back, they are still being read. Try to avoid the
annoying "bump to top" tactics. Bumps should only be used if it goes off
the front viewable page. And stick with the original post !! Edit if there is
a change, and avoid a second post on the same item.....Posting pics of
your sale item should be limited to two clear photo's. Posting half a dozen
pics in a string is not nessessary. If a reader should request more photo's,
They can be e-mailed.

Selling something for a friend or relative, is permissible.

Discussing firearms for sale is permissible. Follow all Federal, and State
laws where applicable.

Once a classifieds topic has been completed through sale or purchase
of items, please edit or post as such, so it may be removed.

Posting or linking pics to a thread should be named so users can easily
see the subject before opening. If you post a pic of your bike or favorite
riding area, name it as such. Uploading a series of photos marked such as
dcsooo1, or pic1, pic2, pic3 ect....should be avoided. Please use the "add image to post"
link so that it resizes the picture to a viewable size.

Pic size should be limited to 125000kb,or not larger then 600x480 pixels.
Larger pics are unnessessary, and hinders the dial up users. This pic size
also fits the topic screen better, without undo scrolling. Properly sized pics
help speed things along and saves on wasted server space.

There will be no pics posted in the user signature area. Text only. (site sponsors will be allowed this option)

Avoid posting action shots of riders, without helmets when possible.
Pics from atv trips to other states may be the exception, as many out of
state riding areas do not require, or enforce the wearing of safety gear.
Use good judge on this matter.

Clutter posting for just the sake of getting post count numbers up, will
not be tolerated.....And try to avoid going "Off Topic", and "Hijacking" a
thread, or topic.

Avoid brand bashing. This will not be tolerated.....Period !!.....Heated and
spirited threads do crop up, but in the long haul it's usually the rider, and
his or hers maintenance habits that need some attention.
Note.....Any specific safety problem that comes out for a particular
brand should be made available to the riding community as soon as possible.

"Security".....Although we will try our best to maintain security the best
we can, it is also up to you to keep personal information away from prying
eyes. Be very suspicious of anyone asking for personal account numbers,
ie.....SSN's, checking, savings, credit cards, paypal......etc.....Do not post
this type of information !! The Same should be regarded with PMs.
PMs can be hacked, and read easily, and has been done in the past on
other sites......Use you PMs for small talk, and avoid using it for conducting

Site spamming, and robot crawlers.....Several registrations have proven
to be of the non human type. There purpose is to log in, and search for
user information such as harvesting e-mails. Since we don't allow active
advertising, or allow e-bay links, our spamming and problems are kept to
a minimum.

We Thank you for your support to our community and enjoy having all of you here!!

Thank you,

More will be added or deleted as this site progresses.
My job is to keep the site the best thing on the web!

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